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Wind-up Chicken Tin Toy

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Tin toys were popular in the 1950s and 1970s. At that time, the tin robots and spacecraft designed by several Japanese metal toy factories were called “unimagined”, even though they now look very advanced. The iron toy with the theme of robot and universe has brought infinite surprises to toy lovers. There are media comments: it fully shows the cognition of technology and the rapid development of science and technology. The tin toys that occupied the domestic toy market more than 20 years ago disappeared almost overnight. However, there are still some people who collect the tin toys that others have thrown into the trash can, as they are for that era. Missing, maybe many of my friends have re-appreciated the charm of tin toys in the past year or two, and regretted that they were randomly destroyed or thrown away during their childhood. The 21st century retro tin toy is once again popular, and the tin toy has slowly appeared in our vision. It has become popular all over the world, and our memories have come back. The attraction of the tin toy is that it returns to the basics and the old and simple. We use the carrier of the iron to make the thoughts turn back to the childhood sunshine with the time machine. The store owners sell the memory clips, we can freely combine these clips, recollecting the bits and pieces, which is the value of the tin toy.