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Jane Bell

Mystery at Sea Edge

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When young Wick Farrington finds himself spending summer at the Sea Edge house, little does he expect the adventures that lie ahead. Alongside his cousin Les, and his little sister Rindy, he is thrust into a world filled with shadowy figures on foggy dunes, clues found among crashing waves, and tales of lost ships and hidden jewels. As Wick, Les, and Rindy unravel the enigma surrounding the Gingerbread House, an old shack with countless secrets, they encounter valuable heirlooms and antique lockets that hint at a mysterious past. The summer takes a perilous turn with unexpected dangers, mysterious lights on the beach, and chilling cries from trapped souls. At the heart of it all is a story that intertwines families, uncovers lost treasures, and challenges prejudices. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Monterey and its rich history, "Mystery at Sea Edge" is a tale of growth, friendship, and the timeless allure of adventure.